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If it wasn't for the Grace, the Grace of God (Repent/Honesty)

Sometimes life can feel like a roaster ride. It takes off slow, smooth, and easy. As time goes on, speed becomes a factor as you are sweeping around the curves, and before you know it life is happening to you with many dips, breathtaking oppositions, and unexpected drops, but Grace abounds!

The unmerited favor of God, GRACE, will usher you into your rightful place, even after years of daring adventures. Grace offers the opportunity to exit the roller coaster of ups and downs as it escorts you to the road of recovery with purpose.

Dare to allow God's Grace to be applied to your past and experience the wonderful world of healing, deliverance, victory, and breakthrough in every area of your life all because of grace, the Grace of God.  

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I'm Stepping Out

It's hard to make a move when you've accepted and become comfortable where you are. You will never know what you can and cannot do until you do something. 

"I'm Stepping Out!" is a tool to escort you from faith to faith. Everything worth having is worth working for. Dare to define your box and redefine yourself. Life has presented many challenges but it's time to declare "I'm Stepping Out!" and Challenge life. 

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The pandemic came and shifted every operating system in the world. Now that the shift has taken place, it is hard for many to accept and embrace the new while they are still holding their foot on the brakes/breaks of the past. We found out the hard way, by experience, that you cannot shift and hold the brakes at the same time, but you must do one and then the other or you will go nowhere.

While you continue to hit the brakes/breaks, you allow the brakes/breaks to burn rubber on the road that will create skid marks that manifest your unwillingness to let go. These episodes of the past are currently holding you at the stoplight because you refuse to let go of the brakes/breaks. It's time to let go of all those things that left you broken and in despair. There is another shift that has taken place to help you to get fight back and get back in the game of life. The breaks that we are discussing are those things that came to take away from you but Jesus came to restore and release the brakes/breaks from off of you.

Release the breaks and go with the flow of God!

Color It Red: The Power of the Blood

It's time to refuse anything that empowers the enemy of your past by exposing him and releasing the grip of silence. The enemy has won long enough and now it is time for you to fight back and win. Color It Red will pave the path of freedom and help you to regain victory over the thing that once had victory over you. The struggle is real, but it doesn't have to be your struggle when you learn how to "Color It Red!"

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Check Your Spects

How are you living? How you're living is a reflection of what you see. What do you see when you look at me/ It's time to see what you see but what do you see? How do you see and from whom lens are you viewing your self, life, your past, and your future. 

It's time to check your intro"spect" ive, retro"spect"ive, pro"spect"ive, and your per"spect"ive and see if it measures up to God's. It's time to "Check Your Spects!" 

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Who Are You? A Daughter of Destiny

In the shadows of yesterday are full of pain perhaps from heartaches, disappointments, broken promises, unhealthy relationships, and unfulfilled goals that we have strived to achieve. But if you take a deeper look, you will see all of those hopes, dreams, visions, and aspirations that you once wanted to come to pass. But what happened?


As time past your enthusiasm to accomplish those dreams grew dim, the goals became unreachable and your destiny became a void. We are here to inform you that your destiny is unavoidable, but you can't find them if you don't know who you are. Who are you?

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The Day I Decided To Change My Life

Nine Women Nine Stories One Decision How did they do it? What prompted them to turn fear into faith? What caused them to live and not just survive? How did they handle heartbreaking situations? What made them change their lives...forever?



Lori Furlow, Kaye Giles, Delilah Green, Theresa Hart, 

Doris Hope, Joyce Hope, Monica Hurd-Barton, 

Shayla Lloyd Sadler, Tammy Vaughn

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Back 2 Basics: The Fundamentals of Prayer for Successful Living 

In a world that is filled with communication tools at our fingertips, Back to Basics distinctly reminds us that prayer is faster and more effective than any social media device created. Doris Hope delightfully brings to the forefront that prayer is a tool that causes you to supersede all the tactics of your enemy and gain the victory in every situation.


This book will reveal to you why prayer is necessary and the amazing results it will have on your life. It will also help you to: Build a prayer relationship with God Pray for spiritual and natural success Increase your intimacy level with God Be confident when you communicate with God Defeat your enemy with prayer Back to Basics will set your heart ablaze for the love of prayer. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned saint, you will find that the prayer principles contained in this book will catapult you to a level of intimacy and successful living with God.


About the Author Doris Hope is dedicated to living a successful life through the power of prayer. Her mission is to help others find peace in the grace of God and to maintain H.O.P.E. - Healing Over Pain Effectively. She serves on the Intercessory Prayer Ministry at her local church. Doris and her family live in Virginia.

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Back 2 Basics Devotional: The Fundamentals of Prayer for Successful Living

This Devotional compliments Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Prayer for Successful Living

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Back 2 Basics: Workbook

It's time to get back to the basics. While the world is trying to move forward and leave the fundamental foundations behind, we must realize that it will not be able to stand without a firm foundation. Prayer is one of the foundations elements that is being neglected and the results are evident in the world today through hate crimes, senseless shootings, and countless unethical acts.


We are pointing you back to the cross where you will find hope and healing for your soul. This workbook accompanies the book, Basic to Basics to help you to get a better understanding of why you need to pray. Prayer is not an option but an essential daily need. It is a tool that you use to help you to deal with life's challenges. Pray because you are prey. Find out how and why within these pages and allow this teaching to usher you into the presence of the Almighty God.

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